• We will keep a positive and professional work environment.
  • We will keep foul language to ourselves and off the work site, never in front of the customer while representing our company on a job.
  • No “saggy” pants, shorts and/or attire.
  • No smoking while on the job(breaks while outside in safe non-hazardous areas are permitted/away from children especially.
  • We will respect our customers and each other.
  • No “Horse Play”; all horse play of the person at hand shall be fully accountable and responsible for the own actions.
  • We DO NOT support, nor do we condone to thievery/dishonest people. Extra side note; during any "Hauling/Junk Removal/Unit Clean Out/Clear Out/Clean Up Services/Jobs", all removed and/or recovered items are property of our company, Pride Transport/Hauling and we be regarded/disregarded as we intend it to be.

Be cautious and respectful of company property; including vehicles/vessels, equipment, attire, possessions; ETC.



Work appearance is important as you would expect from most companies. We care about how we are viewed, represented and our professional projection. Although we want our employees and/or volunteers to be comfortable as they perform our services and work task/objectives; we also want to be considerate to upholding our professional appearance and being able to identify ourselves as staff, workers of Pride Transport/Hauling. Our Uniforms and Logo have changed and/or evolved since our start in 2018. As time goes on, we will no doubt once again alter as we grow.




  GREY (Shirt, Pants, Shorts)

  TAN/GOLD (Shirt, Pants, Shorts)

  BLACK (Shirt, Pants, Shorts)


In the possible event/scenario you may need or want to keep warm, you may purchase or borrow a P.T.H. Company sweater, Hoodie, or Jacket if available/optional. If you do not have the available option; you must wear your uniform shirt over your sweater/Hoodie for identifying yourself as a Staff member of the company to show your/our presence on the work site and on the clock. (This is a Structured Policy and is not up for debate/negotiation).

Also in the opposite event/scenario you may want to keep cool, we do allow/permit non-offense/non-vulgar head wear as long as it does not obstruct work flow and/or attract unnecessary attention; you may also carry a non-offensive "sweat rag" to wipe away sweat from face, head, neck, hands and/or arms. It is prohibited/not allowed at any point of your beginning work shift/schedule to ending work shift/schedule, to remove your tops(shirts) and/or bottoms(pants, shorts) and expose your self/bare skin. Please keep our work atmosphere respectful and considerate of each other and others at all times.

We do suggest and highly recommend to wear an "undershirt" under your uniform shirt, to help filter and absorb possible sweat; also in the event you may need to remove your uniform shirt. Also, we recommend wearing comfortable pants/shorts the are presentable and not overly "baggy". (A couple suggestions are "Dickies & Ben Davis") Jeans are permitted as long as you can move around in them. In the possible event you rip or damage your pants or shoes, we are not responsible and/or reliable for the unfortunate event and you have our sincerest apologies.



Over the years we have grown very knowledgeable and coherent of the necessary items and supplies it may take to get a job fully and correctly accomplished. Now we are capable to teach and pass on some basic knowledge with skill of experience to our employees and volunteers. Even though we are constantly growing and evolving, we still learn new things and ways everyday, so we will teach you some and most of the basics that you can learn as far as this content can provide as side from the actual "Hands on Experience".


#1 "Big Red" Dodge Ram 1500



#2 "Snow" Ram 1500


T#001 (52 Studebaker bed w/ramp & built wood walls. Single Axle)



T#002 (Flatbed w/ramp. Single Axle) ** DONATED **








T#003 (Custom Built open top box. Singe Axle)






T#004 (Dump Trailer. Double Axle.)




We mainly use "Tie Downs" which are "Rope Straps"(one end is the rope side and the other end is the attaching anchoring side) that we feeds into the bottom of a clamped closed "Ratchet Strap"(one end is the ratcheting lever/handle side and the other end is the attaching anchoring side). These 2 items which create a unified whole unit when combined, can tie down/hold down bulk junk, appliances, tarps, metals, furniture, mattresses and more if & when used correctly. We practice keeping the rope straps attached and anchoring from the passenger/right side of the vehicles/trailers and the ratchet straps attached and anchoring from the driver/left side of the vehicles/trailers. The "Anchors" are the points where you will secure the straps from. You can locate this either in or on the truck beds corners usually and also on the trailers walls or inside of the trailer. When "securing the load" you will usually have extended the rope/strap over the item(s) and connect to the anchored ratchet/strap by feeding it through the bottom while ratchet lever is closed and out the top slot end as explained prior; you then want to pull the rope/strap as much and usually as hard as possible back towards its anchoring side and then after the excessive slack/rope is tight then began to ratchet as you firmly grip and keep ahold of both ends(make sure you do not lose "bite" contact of either attached side and always double check work for safety).




Anchors are usually found on the top and/or bottom corner areas of a pickup truck. They are usually secured by factory weld points the body/frame of the bedding area and can be supported added on by purchasing kits that easily install and allow additional holding points to the vehicle for extended attaching/anchoring points for tie downs, nets, ropes and bungie cords.(Always check anchors for proper welds and proper closed connections with the add on/clip on adjustable/free moving anchors. (Always remember, safety is always a first priority out of our other top priorities).









Process of Break Times

Every 2 hours from the Beginning/Start of work schedule time; you are entitled to a 10-15 minute break.
The first 4-5 hours from the Beginning/Start of work schedule time; you are entitled to a 30-45 minute lunch break.
Bathroom breaks are as needed; without abusing the privilege and/or "Stealing-Abusing Company Clock Time".

Injuries, Quick Rest and breathing breaks shall be taking accordingly.

Note: For most shifts, a good percentage of the time of starting your shift til ending shift, will be driving/car pooling from site to site, from one Service Request to another.


End of Day/Shift Duties

  • "Soft Tie" up unused/untied straps to prevent from tangling and untie any knots in the line(s).
  • Wipe down equipment, such as hand trucks, dollies, tools; ETC
  • Disinfect gloves and put into the glove bag.
  • Write/Record final mileage.
  • Remove your trash and bottles/cans from cab of vehicle(s).
  • Check tires for signs of leaks, flats, excessive bottom bulging/indications of a flat tire.
  • Lock up vehicles, roll up windows, lock locks, lock tool and utility boxes.
  • Wash Uniforms for next time se of work. ( Wash instructions: wash "inside out" in cold water, DO NOT BLEACH AND DO NOT DRYER DRY, hang dry only).




Day of week, month, numeric date of month, and current year
Current location of residence, numeric number and street, drive, road, court, apartment number/letter, building number
Name of your city you live in
The state of the city you live in
The zipcode of the city/town/area you live in (Usually five digits)
Your primary phone number where we can reach you
Please provide a good email address to reach you at, also make sure you have proper access to check it,
Letter and following numbers on the top of your drivers license or ID (MANDATORY, NON-NEGOTIABLE)
Month/Day/4Digit Year ( EXAMPLE: 05/10/1989 ) Must be over 18 yrs old or with Parent/Guardian consent.
(Check all that apply) Be Honest as possible.
Reliable and Dependable method to get back and fourth to work
Answer yes or no. (Default Answer set to "Yes")
Answer yes or no. (Default Answer set to "Yes")
Give the best exact information of your week & weekend available days and times. (Closed Sundays)
What makes you, you and right for this type of work?
If we are slow/don't have such a busy schedule; can we depend on you for last minute availability when we are more busy? Answer yes or no. (Default Answer set to "Yes")
Are any of these listed a FEAR, sickness or "Phobia" that will stop your work process or even extremely make your productivity slower?
Do you have children? (Default Answer set to "Yes")
As of January 1, 2024 minimum wage is $16.00 per hour. Acknowledgment of hourly start pay rate and proposal to stay busy pertaining to the job, position, orders, instructions and/or duties while on the clock.
Understanding that payments, Dues to me can take up 7 Days and/or after completion of bigger/longer lasting jobs.
"Non-Negotiable" Agreement to wear this company's uniform and/or attire while/during scheduled shift/on the clock. Identify and uphold company image and values.
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